LiveScores - live score updates on your Mac

LiveScores is a Mac OS X application which displays live updates of European football games. Currently, it uses the scores published on the Guardian Unlimited Football website.

LiveScores is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), version 2. It is a Cocoa application written entirely in Objective C. The source code is available from the project's homepage.

The current version of LiveScores is 0.98. Follow the link below to download a universal binary.



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Supported Leagues

The leagues for which updates are shown include:
  • England
    • Premiership
    • Championship
    • League 1
    • League 2
  • Italy
    • Serie A
  • Spain
    • Primera Liga
  • Germany
    • Bundesliga I
  • Scotland
    • Scottish Premiership
    • League First Division
    • League Second Division
    • League Third Division
European games, including the Champions League and the UEFA Cup are also displayed, as well as the finals of the English domestic cups, including the Carling Cup and the FA Cup.
If you would like to see your favourite league supported, or have an idea for a feature, a bug report or just a random comment, you are welcome to participate in the forums on LiveScore's homepage.

Planned Features

Future versions will add the following functionality:
  • Display league tables together with live updates;
  • Display stats from RSSSF.
The above list is approximately in chronological order.

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